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Our Vision

Saving for Female Freedom


Our initiative strives to balance out the prevailing inequality in ownership to enable female freedom and promote responsible consumption. We seek to reduce the information asymmetry about the importance of saving and provide incentives for young women to start. We encourage beneficial saving behaviors through a more conscious consumption.

Our vision is in line with the UNs agenda for sustainable development, more specifically the fifth goal Gender equality and the twelfth goal for sustainable consumption.  Our interest in this subject stems from the fact that Swedish men own twice as much of Swedish assets than women does. According to SEB and to Ownershift, unequal ownership originates from norms, stereotypes, gender segregation in the labour market and income differences. Together, these factors have created a knowledge inequality in our society regarding private economy and savings. 

Our connection to the twelth goal, consumption, can be derived from historic consumptions patterns among men and women. Women have historically consumed consumer goods like makeup, fast fashion and diapers while men typically have bought goods with resale value, such as a car or a bike. According to us, these two issues; unequal information and consumption, are closely related and a contributing factor to why men have both more economic power and own more. Our aim is to spread information about how girls and women from an early age can change these patterns to ensure financial freedom. We believe that an informative environment about how to consume sustainably and tips about how to invest your savings can make a big difference.